Based on Narrative Therapy practices and rooted in ancestral women’s wisdom, the BIRTH OF A MAMA method provides new mothers with an approach for navigating early motherhood through releasing limiting patterns and becoming more aligned with your life’s purpose.

It is my life’s calling to support women navigate motherhood by strengthening their matrilineal lineage, healing generational trauma, creating a supportive community and living a life of meaning and purpose.

This Symbol pronounced, Mem, represents the Divine Mother


Package comprised of 4 personal counseling sessions to support you in navigating the first year of motherhood with purpose and with pleasure.

Birth of a MAMA articles


A Well of Wisdom

New Moon Musings

Milk and Honey

Pomegranate Seeds

“Women… are storytellers. They are nurturers…filled with creative forces when they are fertile, pregnant or birthing. Millions of years of biology are on their side to ‘bring forth’. Nothing can stop the power behind that force, not even the woman herself… She is the living essence of the future. She is a holy woman and there is intelligence at work in her. It is sacred energy.”

-Sister MorningStar-

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