Almost ten years ago I gave birth to my daughter on my birthday.

Knowing that my daughter and I were born on the same date, meaning also that my mother and I gave birth on the same date, awakened within me an impulse to learn about matrilineal descent. This was heightened as I became a new mother in a country where a baby’s identity and belonging are determined through the maternal line.

Years later when I learned that like all pregnant women, that when I was just a developing baby in my own mother’s womb, I already carried the oocyte, or egg, that would eventually become my daughter, I felt I had learned the most fascinating and mystical aspect of womanhood and life itself. The thought that all women pregnant with girls embody 3 generations within one body confirmed my deeply held beliefs about the interconnectedness and cyclical nature of life.

But when I became a mother I didn’t feel anything mystical, sacred, cyclical or interconnected. Instead, despite the joy I felt at having my daughter, I also felt lonely, uncertain, disconnected and more than anything that something was missing. An almost primitive force had been awakened within me, and I longed for something I had never known, yet suddenly its absence was unbearable.

I set out to find what was missing ….a community of women, traditional healing practices , a return to ways more in sync with the natural environment , and the ability to navigate the constant shifts and changes in early motherhood while living within a societal framework that highly values time management, productivity and independence.

Today as a mother of 3 I am honored to play a role in the collective reclamation of ancestral women’s wisdom. Each time I think of how my daughter and I were born on the same date, and my mother and I gave birth on the same date, it is as if the universe confirmed my calling to support women navigate early motherhood by recognizing that along with the birth of a baby, there is a birth of a mother.

This Symbol pronounced, Mem, represents the Divine Mother and is derived from the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for water, the source of life. This influenced the Aramaic alphabet, which is both ancestral to the Hebrew and Arabic ancient languages. The symbol is considered a mother letter in the TREE OF LIFE, representing the womb and all that which is being born. The womb is the foundation for creation ready for parturition. The numeric value for the symbol is 40. It takes 40 days for an embryo to be formed in a mother’s womb.

It takes 40 weeks for the duration of pregnancy and a baby to grow fully in the womb. It takes 40 days after giving birth for the womb to return to the pelvic bowl and the early post partum period to be completed. In many cultures around the world it takes 40 months for the symbiotic period between mother and baby to cease when breastfeeding fades and the mother spends more time in community activity.

Lastly, Mem is the symbol that represents transition and transformation.Symbolic of water, the essence of change, as well as the number forty, the essence of birth, the letter represents the the transition between past and future – which is the arena of all change. On it’s deepest level, the transformation from past to future represents birth, the birth of a baby, and the birth of a mother.

Narrative therapy

Narrative therapy is a form of counseling  that seeks to help people connect deeply with their dreams,  beliefs, skills and values so that they can bring this knowledge into conscious awareness and live in alignment with their highest self.

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