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Birth Of a Doula

Birth Of a Doula

I had always had a lot of girlfriends and made friends easily at work with enough close girlfriends to go out with, usually to a restaurant, club or bar. I had some friends I did yoga with but once I became a Mama everything changed. After the birth of my daughter I felt an inexplicable loss for a community of mothers. I felt a deep lack of ancestral and grandmother’s wisdom to support me in the transition into motherhood. Suddenly I felt drawn to the women I saw in my neighborhood wearing their babies in slings, breastfeeding and making homemade food. My entrance into motherhood was the beginning of my healing journey and I knew that it was a sacred one, but I didn’t yet have the community to fully support that process.

'It is ceremony that provides access to the other world. It is the songs, sacred objects and ritual that are the source of the holy woman's creations and manifestations'. Patrisia Gonzales.

Soon after becoming a mother I moved to yet another foreign country leaving Barcelona for Israel. I didn’t know anyone in Israel and I felt so alone. I yearned to be in the presence of other like-minded women and Mama’s. After a year of making a friend here and there I decided to become a Doula. From the moment I walked into my first class I felt a deep sense of belonging. Even though there were language barriers the universal language of sisterhood bridged any gaps. We sat together in circle, brought healthy food to share, exchanged birth stories and learned how to hold space for each other and birthing women during their most vulnerable and sacred moments. Between breaks we would give each other massages, exchange essential oils, talk herbal remedies and plan our futures as Mama’s and Doulas. Each class was a gift, learning Rebozo styles, Abdominal Massage and relaxation techniques with visits from renowned midwives and birth workers. More than anything though I learned the importance of sisterhood, community and having a circle of women to share ideas and support.

Since then I have made sure to include some sacred ceremony with women in my life. I engage in a monthly ceremonial bath. I take a Middle Eastern Dance class for fun made up of other women where we connect to our pelvis, feminine waters, and circular movement that invoke a very deep and ancient feminine frequency.

Focus on your interests and what you love doing and invite other women to participate. There are a million ways to crate community.