Birth of a Mama

BIRTH OF A MAMA offers guidance and support to new mothers and their families.

The BIRTH OF A MAMA approach offers mothers support and guidance in navigating life within a world that is largely out of accord.  Modern mothers already know that it ‘takes a village’ to raise a child and that it would be ideal to become a mother within a community well versed in wellness practices and post partum remedies. What we don’t know is how to create that kind of community or integrate ancestral traditions into modern life. The reason this is a challenge is because without grandmothers, a community or family wherein women’s wisdom is passed down from grandmothers to mothers to daughters, most of us are left to figure out everything about new motherhood on our own.

Based on Narrative Therapy practices and rooted in ancestral women’s wisdom this approach provides you with the framework for releasing limiting patterns and enables you to live your life’s purpose. This approach is deeply healing and transformative and is tailored to each individual woman’s life experience and personal values, beliefs, dreams and goals. It provides a framework for the release of generational patterns that you have outgrown, while embracing your ancestral resilience. By zooming out you can restructure your support system and clearly focus on your purpose as a woman and mother.

We all have a preferred story of who we are, what we are good at and what we want to do. When a flower doesn’t bloom no one blames the flower, they change the conditions making it possible to thrive.  And like flowers through small adjustments each of us becomes more aligned with our highest purpose as life itself becomes more meaningful, peaceful and filled with joy.  

BIRTH OF A MAMA Sessions with Genevieve Slonim

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