As a Certified Doula and Narrative Therapist my role in providing childbirth preparation is twofold. The first encompasses all of the standard information needed to demystify birth and ensure that you feel prepared to enter the unknown with as much knowledge as possible. This includes a full review of the phases and stages of birth. The creation of a birth plan.

A comprehensive overview of all of the practices and techniques that will assist you during your birth. The second is a far more therapeutic process of acknowledging your specific maternal lineage and the motherhood culture you were born into. You will have a unique opportunity to consciously release generational patterns and embrace others.

From this place of deep self awareness you can create a Post Partum Plan that will assist you throughout the first year of motherhood.

• Four meetings comprised of two prenatal and two post partum meetings


• Unlimited phone + email communication throughout pregnancy and during the first month after giving birth

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