Motherhood sessions


 These sessions offer support and guidance for new mothers at any time during this period of adaptation.

We often hear of the First 40 days as a sacred time in which traditionally the village would care for the mother so she could care for baby. Many of us long for this experience of Lying-In during a period of post partum bed rest where we could deeply surrender to the needs of our newborn, knowing that our needs are being taken care of by others. This type of responsive and connected motherhood has been the norm throughout most of the non-Western world. What is known as ‘Attachment Parenting’ didn’t start in the 1970’s anymore than home birthing, breastfeeding, baby wearing or co-sleeping did. Most cultures around the world have a much more communal lifestyle and a value system that doesn’t reward self-sufficiency and independence in the way that Western culture does. These values are fine until you are a new mother. For all the peoples outside of the modern Western system, attachment parenting occurs naturally, there is no conflict,  and a complete symbiosis between mother and baby is common not only for the first 40 days, but for the first 40 months!

The difference with an Attachment Parenting approach in the modern era is that  without the tribe or community support it can be challenging not to feel depleted. . For cultures that have practiced what is considered to be attached parenting, there are aunties, grandmothers, friends and a supportive community to hold mama while she metaphorically and literally carries her baby all the time.

Frequently the solution given to new mothers when they become exhausted from a combination of sleep deprivation, isolation, loneliness and changes to self-image is to take time for ‘Self Care’. The problem is that once you are a new mother self care  requires other people, either ones partner, family or paid help. Whether doing yoga, meeting a friend , getting back to creative work,  someone in your support system will have to care for baby while you care for yourself. Leaving out the ‘Community Care’ aspect of mothering has placed tremendous burdens on new mothers.

These sessions are designed to help you feel replenished, supported, strong and living in accordance with your best self.

These sessions are designed to help you feel replenished, supported, strong and living in accordance with your best self.

  • Session 1 : Externalization of the problem
  • Session 2: Crafting the preferred story
  • Session 3: Tree of Eve- seeds, roots, flowers, compost
  • Session 4: Outsider Witness
  • Session 5: An opportunity to reflect, set intentions and ceremonially close

Motherhood Sessions 350 USD

*As a certified Childbirth Educator ( CAPPA ) Childbirth Education is woven into the written materials as well as private sessions
*A free consultation to answer any questions you may have

MOTHERHOOD SESSIONS with Genevieve Slonim

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