Becoming a mother is a rite of passage, a transformation of self when who we are and what we do is in transition. Some new mothers may feel a pull to ‘get back’ to the woman they were before giving birth. Other women may feel they have to give up’ on the woman they were before becoming a mother. But all new mothers experience profound changes and adaptations in the weeks leading up to, and the months following giving birth. There are adjustments in schedule, activities and care for our baby, adjustments with sleep and self care, adjustments physically and emotionally and adjustments within relationships. We will navigate together your particular needs at this time but can include:

• What is Post Partum? We will address your specific physiological and emotional needs during this time and you will be provided with the remedies, practices, and treatments to support you during early motherhood.


• Healing the Mother Wound~ In becoming a mother we shift our identity constellation from being the daughter of to the mother to. We can feel through any issues you have with your own mother and maternal lineage and also explore who is mothering you.


• Ancestral Women’s Wisdom~ Connecting you with your lineage and the songs, stories and traditions that you most resonate with during this time.


• Creating Community~ Isolation can be one of the most challenging aspects of early motherhood. We can discuss all the ways you are able to create community at any point throughout the first year of motherhood.


• Birth Story Circle

Services Include:


From 1 session to several you determine what feels best for you.


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