Birth of a Mama Services


Becoming a mother is a rite of passage, a transformation of self when who we are and what we do is in transition.

4 Counseling Sessions (either in-person or distance on phone)
Post Partum Pleasure Booklet
Motherhood Community (private Facebook group)

  • Session 1 – Your Personal Post Partum Pleasure Plan
  • Session 2 -Processing Your Birth & Ceremony Creates Community
  • Session 3 – Building Balance & Between Selfish and Selfless is SELF
  • Session 4 -Between Getting Back or Giving Up On is Gaining the New YOU



The expression ‘Birth of a Mama’ eludes to the transformation that women experience when along with the birth of a baby there is a birth of a mother.

Sessions Include: Course materials, exclusive content, 3 in person or distance sessions before giving birth,  and 2 in person or distance sessions in the weeks after giving birth

  • Ancestral Birth Wisdom-Before creating your own personalized post partum plan you will receive course materials about traditional birthing practices and ancestral wisdom from around the world
  • Lineage Healing Session- based on traditional Narrative Therapy practices including a Genogram ( Family Tree )  we review either in person or through a distance session your generational family history.  You gain the opportunity to consciously release patterns you’ve outgrown, and embrace resilience you may not have focused on – so the path to motherhood is clear for you to walk feeling grounded and supported
  • Ceremony-you will receive course materials on ceremonies for welcoming baby and becoming a mother including ceremonial bath, placenta and umbilical ceremony, baby naming ceremony, and birth story circle
  • Creating Community Session- in the early weeks after giving birth optimally you are able to care for baby while others care for you. We will create a community support plan for you regardless of your geographic region or current level of support,  in order to ensure that you will not be isolated in the weeks after giving birth
  • Preparing for Transition Session-this is an open session to discuss any issues that may have come up over the course, and an opportunity to reflect and set intentions before giving birth

Pregnancy Sessions 350 USD


These sessions offer support and guidance for new mothers at any time during this period of adaptation.

These sessions are designed to help you feel replenished, supported, strong and living in accordance with your best self.

  • Session 1 – Externalization of the problem
  • Session 2 – Crafting the preferred story
  • Session 3 – Tree of Eve- seeds, roots, flowers, compost
  • Session 4 – Outsider Witness
  • Session 5 – An opportunity to reflect, set intentions and ceremonially close

Motherhood Sessions 350 USD


These sessions are an opportunity to connect deeply you’re your dreams, beliefs, and values so that you can bring this knowledge into conscious awareness and live in more alignment with your highest self.

Personalised Session 80 USD

Tree of Eve Workshop – Lineage Transformation

This workshop has been crafted to explore generational patterns allowing you to consciously release the patterns that are no longer serving you while embracing the ancestral wisdom within you that you may have overlooked.

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