Tree of Eve Workshop – Lineage Transformation

This workshop has been crafted to explore generational patterns allowing you to consciously release the patterns that are no longer serving you while embracing the ancestral wisdom within you that you may have overlooked.

You are guided through a gentle process of reciprocal exchanges between yourself and ‘ancestors’ whether your family members join you in person,  or you engage with them through journaling and other activities. As you step into conscious awareness of your ancestry, the messages your ancestors embodied in order to survive become more clear and you can choose to release or embrace them. Throughout this transformational process, the energy of  your lineage shifts and healing occurs not only for you but for your entire lineage and the generations to come by changing automatic behavior and fixed beliefs. You will be held in a safe and supportive space to  by release the effects of trauma. An emphasis is placed on resolving issues with blood family while creating community with soul family. Throughout this process, you can experience a deeper sense of harmony, forgiveness and transformation allowing you to connect more deeply with your purpose.

  • Hidden messages -Hidden Treasures
  • Crafting your preferred story
  • Tree of Eve- seeds, roots, flowers, compost
  • Journaling

Tree of Eve Workshop with Genevieve Slonim

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